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Over the last 5 years, the Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers have generated a technological leap that has even led to rising sales figures in the German user market. We offer you machine tools that are produced by carefully selected manufacturers and which feature an impressive price-benefit ratio, along with the competent services with which WuB has made a name for itself with its clients since 2001. WuB is a service company with more than twenty years of experience in repairing and overhauling machine tools. We would like to enter into a cutting-related partnership with you, and request you to send us a request when you carry out investment planning activities.

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CNC boring machines and
portal milling machines ...

U´chine Technology Co., ltd. is an experienced Taiwanese manufacturer of CNC boring machines and portal milling machines. U´chine runs an operation that is characterised by well-organised collaboration between the development, production, quality management and after-sales service departments. This collaboration that stretches from the development department to the service department results in the production of machines that do justice to the most stringent requirements.

The advantages of our machines are not just derived from our innovative and highly qualified development personnel or the 20 – 30 years’ worth of experience that our engineers have in the development and production of machine tools. These advantages are also derived from the feedback provided by our esteemed customers.

We know that:
In this competitive business, customer-oriented service is the key to survival and further development.

We deliver, among other things:
CNC table-type boring machines with spindle Ø (diameters) of 110 and 130 mm, and table sizes of up to 1800 x 2000 mm
CNC portal milling machines whose X-axis lies in the range of 2200 – 7200 mm and various cutting heads
CNC horizontal milling machines whose X-axis lies in the range of 2200 – 6200 mm

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Machining centres ...

Gentiger machines and all the components that are used in them correspond to the European standard of quality. Consequently, several components manufactured by well-established manufacturers are integrated at the Gentiger machining centres.

Control systems manufactured by Siemens (840D), Heidenhain (iTNC530) and Fanuc (18i) are the only ones that are used. The linear roller guides manufactured by companies like STAR, THK or NSK are used. If requested, HSC working spindles manufactured by IBAG Switzerland can also be installed.

All Gentiger machining centres are equipped with glass scales manufactured by Heidenhain.

The peripheries of the Gentiger machining centres feature, for example, measuring sensors manufactured by Renishaw or tool-measuring equipment manufactured by Renishaw or Blum. The following table provides a simplified overview of the matter in question. For more detailed information, please download the respective brochures ...

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Range of machines ... . . .

Vertical machining centre - 24000 rpm L.K. Machinery TC-710

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