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We provide you with services ranging from maintenance-related services to services associated with the retro-fitting of manual and CNC-controlled milling machines machining centres. You might be confronted by the following question: "Should we overhaul the machine or just buy a new one?”

We can also provide you with the right concept for your machine tool. Our expertise is at your service...


  1. Note

  2. - In order to carry out the milling operation, we
      require a compressed air supply (8 bar. 150l/min.).
    - The main spindle bearing should not be damaged   (maximum radial play - 0.01 mm).

On-site spindle grinding - SK (steep taper) 40/50...

The problem is well-known: The steep taper of the boring machine, the milling machine or the machining centre exhibits a significant run-out error that was caused by wear and tear or a crash.

It becomes necessary to replace the working spindle. This is cost-intensive and associated with significant production downtimes. Our portable internal cylindrical grinding machine, the S2ooo, enables us to rectify run-out errors and damage suffered by the tool holder on-site. This can be done within a few hours by re-working the machine.

Your advantage

  • - Maximum true running accuracy of the working spindle
      (< 0.01 mm - measured at the end of the mandrel)
  • - Higher accuracy of the machine
  • - Optimal position of the tools
  • - Low consumption of cutting materials (which is achieved
       by preventing the tool from reeling)
  • - Improved milling surface
  • - Low maintenance costs
  • - Minimal production downtimes


Our Services

  • - Regrinding the spindle without removing it
  • - Determining the percentage contact areas through the process of spot-grinding
  • - Cutting back the planar support, if necessary
  • - Creating an inspection protocol
  • - Grinding over the weekend or at night, if necessary


Retrofitting ...

In case your machine tool is, unable to function economically on account of its age, wear and tear or inaccuracy of the mechanics and the geometry, you can take advantage of our overhauling services.

The overhauling operation is made up of the following work steps:

  • - Complete disassembly of the machine
  • - Replacement or repairing of all worn-out or defective parts
  • - Recreation of the machine’s geometry
  • - Replacement of the outdated electrical system

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Cutting heads & spindles...

We inspect and overhaul your universal cutting heads or working spindles at our workshop.

  • - Replacement of the main spindle bearing and the bevel wheels
  • - Inspection of the hydraulic and cooling circuits
  • - Mounting and correction



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Repairs ...

We guarantee that you shall receive extensive consultations and support services when your cutting machine tools or CNC control systems are being repaired or serviced!



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Maintenance ...

Several people are well-acquainted with the problem: A machine stoppages that follows the emergence of a defect. The damage emerges after a deficient or inappropriate maintenance operation. Unsatisfactory or deficient maintenance often causes cost-intensive damage to machine tools. We develop a tailor-made maintenance schedule for your machine, which features

  • - regular maintenance intervals that are in line with the machine operating manual
  • - inspection of the spindle bearing and the tool holders
  • - inspection of the guide tracks and their protective devices
  • - accelerated testing of the machine’s geometry

Long years of experience demonstrate that preventive maintenance is the most economical option.

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Geometric measurement...

One of the requirements associated with the ISO 9000 quality norm states that the means of production and the measuring equipment have to be calibrated, tested and inspected.

We use the most modern measurement methods to gauge your machines. Regular checking of the machine accuracy reduces the risk of producing defective goods.

Tighter tolerances can be adhered to, and the quality is enhanced. Documenting the machine status strengthens your customers’ level of confidence, which in turn brings competitive advantages.

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Installation and activation ...

Installing and activating machine tools are activities that take up a lot of time. These activities are massively dependent on the capabilities of the commissioning staff.

Our long-standing experience guarantees a competent and timely assembly process that possible amount of customer value.



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