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About us ...


Specialist firm

The company was founded by Andreas Wiesener in the year 2001. In order to be able to further expand the range of services and do justice do the ever-increasing demand for the repair-operations to which machine tools are subjected, he joined forces with Ralf Blum in the year 2006, forming a company that was subject to the civil code. This was followed by the founding of WuB Maschinenbau und Service GmbH in September 2007. In order to implement the plans for the future and integrate the distribution channel, WuB Maschinenbau und Service GmbH was expanded in April 2008, thus forming ‘WuB Werkzeugmaschinen und Service GmbH’. Our work focuses on repairing, maintaining and overhauling CNC-controlled machine tools, conventional machine tools and individual cutting heads or working spindles.

Company philosophy

In the past, several companies could fall back on their own internal repair departments when their means of production exhibited defects or suffered machine crashes. As a result of cost pressures, several companies ended up closing these repair departments. At the same time, the requirements associated with the means of production that are related to production tolerances and the total production times for single parts are intensifying. Consequently, the domain of maintenance and accuracy monitoring for machine tools is more relevant than ever.

In case of several machine tool manufacturers, service and repair-related offerings already represent a share of up to 35% of the manufacturers’ annual turnovers.

When it comes to the maintenance of high-value machine tools, our company presents a competent and economically priced alternative to the machine tool manufacturers. Thanks to our long years of experience in the areas of assembly, start-up operations and the maintenance of milling machines, turning machines, flexible production systems and boring machines, which saw us serve brands such as Zayer, DMG, Geminis, Fritz Werner, Wotan and Juaristi, we can guarantee a smooth restart of your production process when your means of production exhibit defects.

Our client’s wishes have the topmost priority, which means that we respond in a speedy, flexible and client-oriented manner.


Ever since the Metav 08 event took place in the city of Düsseldorf, we have been in a position to offer you new machine tools featuring extremely impressive cost-benefit ratios.

All the products that are on offer were carefully selected by our technicians. All the components used in the said products correspond to the European quality standard. Consequently, roller guides manufactured by THK and Star were used, as were glass scales produced by Heidenhain. Motor spindles manufactured by IBAG can also be installed. Machines using control systems manufactured by Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain can also be kitted out.

For us, lasting client relationships featuring extensive support services that are rendered both during and after the warranty period are at the fore. This requirement is fulfilled by our well-trained service team.